[ic] Interchange

Heidi Christiansen nettshop at nettshopping.net
Sun Nov 16 12:30:42 EST 2003


I worked with my store yesterday and everything was ok,but when I 
visited my shop as a "customer", all the maps/categories was gone, but 
when I clicked,(there was nothing(no link) to click on),I could see my 
products. Today, when I tried to login adm. or customer area, my 
browser couldnt find anything,you know the message: couldnt find the 
page you are looking for etc. 
I have to ask you one thing, in this store, I see dollar sign front of 
every products, can I change this?, you see I use Norwegian kroner
(NOK), how do I change to NOK?And, I upploaded 6-7 pictures, every 
product must have a pic, but when I was a "customer", I couldnt see 
the pics, only a form with a red x in it.Whats wrong?

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