[ic] location of external JavaScript file not found

Tim Good draco at edsd.com
Sun Nov 16 13:20:42 EST 2003

(Interchange 4.9.9 from tar, Redhat 8.0, Perl 5.8.2)

I am trying to use code like:

<script type="text/JavaScript" src="helo.js"></script>

Right now I am using "aboutus.html" for testing and have
this html in the "content" section of page.
When the page is pulled up I get a "syntax error on line 6"
blah blah.
this message is not too helpful. I know javascript works,
I use script instead of file reference. Besides it doesn't
much more basic than this!

The httpd logs do not give an error (eg file not found).
The contents of helo.js are:

document.write("Hello World")

I have tried every location I can think of to put the script
file and then
reference that location in the "src=" field. No luck. 
I have tried changing permissions. No luck.

Does anybody have any clues here. Help would be much


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