[ic] < character removed during form post

Michael Goldfarb mikeg at contactdesigns.com
Sun Nov 16 14:49:29 EST 2003

>>I am running into a really strange error where the character "<" gets 
>>removed from form post values.
>>For instance, I have a form post on one page. On the subsequent page I 
>>use [value FORMFIELDNAME] to display the field entry.
>>One of these form fields allows people to enter HTML so the "<" 
>>character is obviously used to begin every HTML tag. When I use [value 
>>FORMFIELDNAME] on the subsequent page all of the "<" cahracters are 
>>Any ideas?
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>>interchange-users at icdevgroup.org
>ENABLE_HTML=1 would solve your problem

Unfortunately it isn't working for me. I tried using the tag but it is still ignoring "<". I saw based on Racke's post that it is supposed to convert it to "&lt;" but even without the enable_html=1 it still just ignores it and doesn't even convert it to "&lt;".

I grepped for "enable_html" and found it in Interpolate.pm. I'm not that good with Perl but I tried patching it there but still no luck.

I then downloaded a new Interpolate.pm, restarted IC, but still no luck.

Can anybody tell me where in the code and in what file I should be looking to make sure that I have this tag?

Any help is of course much appreciated!

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