[ic] location of external JavaScript file not found

Steve Streich sstreich at streichs.com
Sun Nov 16 16:53:51 EST 2003

There is probally an easier way to do it than this, I wanted to use a
Component so all I had to do was put the componet within the command where
ever I needed it.
Within the Component I call the script like:
<!-- BEGIN COMPONENT [control component Frontpagescript] -->
<font size="+2">Script Seperator</font>
<script webstyle4>document.write('<scr'+'ipt
src="../menus/links.js">'+'</scr'+'ipt>');/*img src="../menus/Links.gif"
moduleid="Home (Project)\Links_off.xws"*/</script>
<font size="+2">Script Seperator</font>
<script webstyle4>document.write('<scr'+'ipt
src="../menus/cake_page.gif" moduleid="Home
<!-- END COMPONENT [control component Frontpagescript] -->
The script is stored in the folder menus in my /store/pages/menus  I added
the ../ in the script call to get it to call from the root folder rather
than the cgi-bin, then did a ln over to the /store/pages/menus
I am using multiple seperated scripts on each page. Designed with the
webstyle4 addon for deamweaver.
Hope this helps.
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Subject: [ic] location of external JavaScript file not found

> (Interchange 4.9.9 from tar, Redhat 8.0, Perl 5.8.2)
> I am trying to use code like:
> <script type="text/JavaScript" src="helo.js"></script>
> Right now I am using "aboutus.html" for testing and have
> this html in the "content" section of page.
> When the page is pulled up I get a "syntax error on line 6"
> blah blah.
> this message is not too helpful. I know javascript works,
> cause
> I use script instead of file reference. Besides it doesn't
> get
> much more basic than this!
> The httpd logs do not give an error (eg file not found).
> The contents of helo.js are:
> document.write("Hello World")
> I have tried every location I can think of to put the script
> file and then
> reference that location in the "src=" field. No luck.
> I have tried changing permissions. No luck.
> Does anybody have any clues here. Help would be much
> appreciated.
> Tim
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