[ic] How to set the results.html page title to the word searched for??

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Tue Nov 18 15:26:26 EST 2003

Quoting Michael Goldfarb <mikeg at contactdesigns.com>:

> >When performing a product search in IC I would like to set the page title
> for
> >the results.html page to the word searched for. For example if the word
> "cable"
> >was searched for I would like to set "cable" in the page title of
> results.html. 
> >
> >I see that a search URL always has an /se=[search word], is this a scratch
> >variable that I could assign to the page title, if so how would I specify
> it,
> >would it be something like [scratch se] ??
> >
> >Any help would be appreciated.
> >
> >Thanks,
> >Andy.
> >_______________________________________________
> >
> Try using something like this:
> [value-extended name="mv_searchspec" joiner="\n" index="*" ascii="1"]
Hi Michael et al,

After an initial test of "[value-extended name="mv_searchspec" joiner="\n"
index="*" ascii="1"]" in the results page title box, I though it had solved my
question, however I have found some instances where it doesn't quite work, for
example if se=s-video then the title becomes s\-video and I have also found that
if doing a search using the small search box in the vertical category bar that a
0 (zero) appears before the search word eg if the search word typed in the box
is 'cable' the title becomes '0 cable'.

Can anyone suggest a fix, for single words in a search URL it works a treat, I
guess it just needs a slight mod to perfect it??

Many thanks in adavnce,

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