[ic] Interchange and MySQL

Michael Goldfarb mikeg at contactdesigns.com
Tue Nov 18 09:01:15 EST 2003

>When I load my products.txt file to MySQL through the IC Admin UI at the
>tables something addeds quotation marks around all the text in the comment
>and size columns. Is this getting done by IC or MySQL? Does any one know how
>to get the files to upload without the quotation marks getting added?
>IC 4.8.7
>MySQL 3.23.58
>TIA for any help,
We used to run into that problem with .txt and .csv files. Before I had 
a chance to look into it we started having everyone import Excel (.xls) 
files which don't have that problem. I know this doesn't answer your 
question, but try using .xls if it's not too much trouble and you 
shouldn't experience the "" problem any longer.

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