[ic] makecat variables

Nathan Barnett nbarnett at specialty-books.com
Tue Nov 18 16:10:32 EST 2003

This is my first post. 

I am having trouble understanding what needs to be done to configure
custom variables for makecat to use for my skeleton catalog when
creating a catalog.

I have in catalog.cfg inside my skeleton directory:


In config/additional_fields i have:

Client schools name
Random University

In additional_help i have:

Enter the full name of the institution that this store will serve.

All that seems to make sense to me. 
Now I put in products/variable.txt :

SCHOOL_NAME     __MVC_SCHOOL_NAME__     Directories and Paths

I don't know if that syntax is correct because I couldn't find any docs
on it, I used other entries in that file as examples.

I read the manual page for makecat and it tries to explain the process a
little bit but I wasn't able to fully understand it. It says for me to
run a pre-qualifying script that set the environment variable
MVC_SCHOOL_NAME and then place in the catalog.cfg:

Where do I put this script? How do I call it? Anyone have any examples
of a script like this that I could use as reference?

Any help would be appreciated. If you know some docs that explain it
well I would appreciate that too.

Thanks in advance

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