[ic] Still struglleing with mv_searchspec in title bar??

AS news1 at dsl.pipex.com
Wed Nov 19 00:02:48 EST 2003

> Hi folks,
> Sorry if this appears twice but my previous post seems to have not
> made it.....
> I am trying to get the text from a search to display in the title bar
> of the results.html page.
> This suggestion :-
> [value-extended name="mv_searchspec" joiner="\n" index="*" ascii="1"]
> works well for clicking the menu/category bar links or for URLs that
> have an 'se=abc' statement but when using the small search box in the
> category I always get a '0' in front of the word on the title bar. For
> example if the search was for 'cable' I get '0 cable' in the title
> bar. 
> I would really appreciate a fix for this?????
> Thanks,
> Andy.
> www.tvcables.co.uk


<input TYPE=hidden NAME=mv_searchspec VALUE=0>

in your component "blue_search_box_small"


Thanks, but that seems to stop the search from working, it just finds
every item on the site no matter what the search is??? 

It does fix the title bar but at the expense of the search. Is there
something else I can do??


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