[ic] Can Interchange do this?

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Wed Nov 19 09:44:19 EST 2003

Marc & Bas -

Thank you both for your replies.  My experience thus far with Interchange has been 
limited to on-going maintenance in a situation where it was already installed and setup.  

At the moment the client is still in "I wonder if" mode, and it likely will be a few months 
before they have a budget for the project.  I will take both of your suggestions and do 
some more research & prototyping.  Thanks!!!

- Justin

On 19 Nov 2003 at 11:57, Marc Brevoort wrote:

> Bas Bezemer wrote:
> > Hi Justin and Marc.
> > 
> > Sorry Marc, but I can't agree with you.
>  >
> > IC probably does not  have an out of the box solution for you. But I 
> > think IC could do the trick. Your own experience with IC could be the 
> > limiting factor.
> Yes Bas, this is exactly the point. I know IC can be shaped into doing 
> anything that any other web platform can, but the learning curve is 
> rather long.
> That said, there is quite a bit of functionality that Justin needs that 
> IC lacks. If he still needs to get up to speed with IC, in his case it 
> simply may not be the right tool for the job because he might not have 
> the time. In such a case Justin may be better off by simply using PHP, 
> ASP or Perl, or finding a more specialized out-of-the-box solution that 
> better fits his needs.
> On the other hand, if he has skilled IC people (possibly himself) to his 
> disposal and has figured out hosting issues and all (perhaps he has this 
> settled in house as well?), it might be that this is the ideal option 
> for him.
> Best Regards,
> Marc
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