[ic] Can Interchange do this?

Paul Jordan paul at gishnetwork.com
Wed Nov 19 08:52:00 EST 2003

Nuance9 [public at nuance9.com] wrote:
> I have a client that has items that he would like to rent.
> He needs an application that can schedule and rent the items for
> specified periods of
> time.  The application would need to make sure that the item is not
> currently rented or scheduled to be out for repairs before allowing
> the client to rent the item.
> Is this something that Interchange could handle? If not, any
> suggestions on a more
> appropriate piece of software?  Thanks!!!
> - Justin

One of the most important deciding factors is this. Is, when your client has
basically what he needs to get the business up and going, going to want to
expand. Getting some application that is only desinged to rent property, may
limit him/you when the enevitable... "Ok, now can we do/add this?" comes up.
Would you want to install/maintain/learn 4 or 5 different platforms, or one?

If you use Interchange, You are always at an interchange, and at any point can
change direction, and get where you want to go.

As for your current needs, it would not take more than a few tables and few
pages in it's simplest form. An experienced consultant could do this faster
than a snake can get out of a can of pepper...



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