[ic] Initial page edit: editing banner

Jennifer Miller jwmiller at prairiecomm.net
Wed Nov 19 13:34:37 EST 2003

I've reviewed your FAQ and documentation, and still can't figure out how 
to change the

    "Replace this graphic with your business or company logo"

header, to our text.  I can download the template and/or index file and 
edit it in my notepad.  I would gather from the
documentation that [set scratch page_title], [set scratch page_banner], 
or [set scratch hbanner] might work.  But I'm
obviously on the wrong track.  Note, the obstinate text is there when I 
hit preview or "go to catalog".  If I check the
code in the edit content page listing, where I can see the entire page 
of code - it looks correct.

Jennifer Miller

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