[ic] PGP on a Mac?

Peter C. Nikolaidis peter at paradigmcc.com
Wed Nov 19 15:00:14 EST 2003

> Hi All,
> I'll be setting up a client's Mac to use PGP for decrypting credit card
numbers in order emails.  I'm wondering what PGP software people have had
good experiences with, with an emphasis on ease of use over a complete
feature set.  I'm not sure if the computer is OS X or 9, so I'd be
interested in eharing recommendations for both.
> Thanks in advance,
> Ryan

I use PGP 8.0 from PGP.com on OS X.  Works fine.  I'm not sure what sort of
features you're looking for, but for me, decrypting individual orders in
e-mail is the main one, which it does.  :)


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