[ic] New install 4.9.9 cgi problems

Brock Palen brockp at umich.edu
Wed Nov 19 20:17:27 EST 2003

i installed the 4.9.9 devl i know, but by the time we go live with this the next
stable should be avail.  
Now onto the problem,  Red Hat 9.0 perl 5.8.1 and instaled the
bundel::interchangKitchenSink  when go to http://serveraddress/catoluge i get
the page with the two links to the users or admins pages.  both return a 404
saying not found the error log says this

[Wed Nov 19 20:04:32 2003] [error] [client] script not found or unable
to stat: /home/interchange/cgi-binbreadersChoise, referer:

notice the missing slash?  we are useing suexe and told it that in makecat, 
everything is owned by the users that suexe refers to.  this is on apache 2.X
and it is configured for mySQL  (the tables did get imported affter make cat so
dbi is working)  ok  what about handlers? Is this a apache problem?  or is it
this mistury missing slash in the error?

brockp at umich.edu

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