[ic] Decrypt credit card information

Gene Chang genechang at buckeye-express.com
Wed Nov 19 22:45:58 EST 2003


I need to decrypt the credit card information from our customers' orders.  I
always receive a complaint "need key pointer" when I try to decrypt the card
information.  When I try to open the file by PGP program, it says "Found no
PGP information in these files".

Does this mean that the card information is not encrypted at all?

My webhost lunarpager said they uploaded public keyring for me.  Then it is
up to me to make it work.  I tried to follow manual to add some codes.  Such
   &credit_card=standard keep	
   Route  mail  pgp_key         xxxxxxxx
   Route  mail  email           orders at mycompany.com
   Route  mail  encrypt         1
   Route  mail  encrypt_program "/usr/bin/pgpk -fat -q -r %s"
   Route  mail  report          etc/report_mail

It did not work.

Can anyone help me?


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