[ic] ArtsBeauty.com Interchange setup path

Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Thu Nov 20 16:53:45 EST 2003

in at parkinternet.com wrote:
> Can anyone recommend a good hosting solutions where interchange will run
> without problem. My immedaite Q is
> 1. Can my cart be repaired at nominal maintenance cost OR
> 2. Rebuild it again on interchange.
There are lots of competent Interchange hosts out there.  There are
also lots of competent Interchange consultants who could repair your
website.  The time and price would depend upon the extent of the damage.

> 3. If I rebuild what are the chances that it will get damaged with CPanel
> updations again. 
There's every chance that it will happen again, and often, if you insist
upon using CPanel.  CPanel does its own thing, which tends to interfere
with Interchange's smooth operation.  Also CPanel hosts like nothing
better than to "upgrade" their live systems without testing and without
thought to existing websites.  For these reasons, and others, CPanel is
NOT recommended for use with Interchange.

> 4. Is there any other Shopping cart
>    a. Which is free and robust, independant unlike interchange vs CPanel.
>    b. Which will run on CPanel environment.
>   c. Laymen/semi skilled developer friendly
>   d. Less time to setup.
That's something for you to investigate, as every website will have its
own requirements.  There may be something else that better fits your
needs, if you don't need the flexibility, power and security provided
by Interchange.

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