[ic] pdf newbie problems

Chris Gruber chris.gruber at basic-world.de
Thu Nov 20 18:20:39 EST 2003

> Are you using data from IC for the PDF-file? If you do, then you could use
> HtmlDoc for creating a dynamic pfd-file for each user during their own
> session.

Unfortunately this is not an option. The files are created in an incredibly 
complex and obscure way by another software.

> I assume that you are using something similar to the base Foundation in
> which case someone would have to be logged in to access the Customer 
> Service page. If this is the case, you can use [data session username].

The problem is, the files are freely accessible. You just have to change the 
username in the url to get the wrong one.

I am using IC 4.8.7 on SuSe 8.0 and a modified Foundation.

Chris Gruber

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