[ic] Changes to access table not portable

Interchange User interchange at framework.cx
Thu Nov 20 13:18:55 EST 2003

Hi all,

	I have a catalog where the access table is GDBM (default DB).  When I 
move the catalog between my development platform and the live site, 
changes are not preserved.  We normally only move the source text files 
(access.asc, in this case) and not the gdbm files.  But I see that my 
access.asc file hasn't been updated in months, but I've been making 
changes today.
	What is the recommended procedure for this?  Is there a reverse of the 
"NoImport" directive I should add to catalog.cfg to explicitly force 
access.asc to be updated when I make changes via the admin UI?  Or 
should I just convert the table to MySQL?

	On a related note, I just finished editing permissions for one of the 
users, but it appears most of my changes were not saved.  When I return 
to the user's permissions page, only the "HIDE" column entries remain 
checked from my last visit to the page, with all of the other columns 
showing up blank.  Is that normal behavior?  I'm afraid that if I hit 
"OK" in that screen I might zap the user's permissions altogether.



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