[ic] pdf newbie problems

Chris Gruber chris.gruber at basic-world.de
Fri Nov 21 13:56:56 EST 2003

> Also....  I have user specific downloads. I found that at least for me, the
> easy way to do this was a combo of ITL and Mikes [enable-downloads] tag:
> http://www.interchange.rtfm.info/downloads/usertags/index.html
> It creates a random symlink at link-presentation-time, to the actual file
> which can be in a non public dir. This also deters people from substituting
> common usernames in the URL to look at others files, because it is
> continually randomized, and (at least I) delete the symlinks in a cron
> after so long.

Hey, thank you Paul. This usertag is exactly what I need.

> You need to know the name of the resource to be able to use it though.
> hmm... Maybe it can be extended to entire directories... that may be pretty
> cool. At any rate, look at the code, it is pretty easy to alter, if it
> doesn't quite fit your needs.

Well I know the name of every file. It corresponds to the logged in username, 
so no problem here.


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