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Scott Martin smartin at steamvalve.com
Fri Nov 21 10:27:41 EST 2003

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> /How do you access the header for editing?  Re replacing// image
> //text image w/ a different image.  I don't see it in the
> /page edit or template edit
> /header and footer are greyed out in the diagram
> /in /content/content edit of the interface gui are not clickable.  //
> />/ Jennifer Miller
> /
> Try Template edit.
> Tim
> /Been there,and don't see what part of the editable template relates to
> issue.  Sorry, but we need to get more elementary here ...
> Thanks,
> Jennifer

In the shops directory, look for foundation directory, then images, I
believe it is located in the images directory logo.gif, logo2.gif

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