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Ed LaFrance edl at newmediaems.com
Fri Nov 21 08:53:49 EST 2003

At 08:40 AM 11/21/2003 -0600, you wrote:
>/How do you access the header for editing?  Re replacing// image //text 
>image w/ a different image.  I don't see it in the
>/page edit or template edit
>/header and footer are greyed out in the diagram
>/in /content/content edit of the interface gui are not clickable.  //
>/>/ Jennifer Miller
>Try Template edit.
>/Been there,and don't see what part of the editable template relates to the
>issue.  Sorry, but we need to get more elementary here ...

Well in that case you need to go into yourcat/templates/default/regions and 
work directly on the *_TOP and *_BOTTOM files. You'll need to Apply Changes 
to your catalog to activate any modifications you make to these files. 
Though if all you want to do is change a couple of images, I don't see why 
you would need to do this. How about just overwriting the image files of 
concern with ones you have created to your liking?

- Ed

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