[ic] 4.9.9 install

Tony Nichols tony at mail.applog.com
Fri Nov 21 13:07:52 EST 2003

I tried that very thing ..... It fixed the foundation rpm install, but
couldn't run makecat, or start interchange. 4.8.9 is still working though

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On Fri, 21 Nov 2003 11:19:34 -0600, Thomas Gondek wrote:

>Sorry trying this again - the 1st one wasnt in plain text.  I think I 
>set outlook right....
>I'm missing something.... :)
>I just Installed a fresh copy of RedHat 9.
>Downloaded the 4.9.9 RPM
>Installed the RPM
>Try to run bin/makecat
>and I get the error :
>"bash: bin/makecat: /usr/local/bin/perl: bad Interpreter: No such file 
>or directory"

You don't have a perl executable as /usr/local/bin/perl, which means that it
would be as /usr/bin/perl. You need to either symlink the two: ('ln -s
/usr/bin/perl /usr/local/bin/perl') or change the line #!/usr/local/bin/perl
to #!/usr/bin/perl (and the line which starts 'eval 'exec ..'' to match) in
all files in your <ic_root>/bin directory. Particularly bin/interchange.

>Any ideas on where i should start?  I have "holes" in my Linus 
>knowledge, so is it a Linux problem or a Interchange problem?
>Thanks for any help
Lyn St George
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