[ic] More reliable (or hassle free) alternative to AuthorizeNet?

Aaron Hazelton aaronmail at hazenet.net
Fri Nov 21 14:28:22 EST 2003

On Fri, 21 Nov 2003 11:05:21 -0600, Hostmaster <hostmaster at zipp.net> wrote:

> Hello List Members,
> We're receiving notices from our AuthorizeNet Merchant Account Rep every
> other week about "this new improvement" and "our recent merger", and 
> "Your
> Action Required", etc.
> It's a pain in the neck, and our Merchant Account Rep is not familiar 
> enough
> with Interchange to be of much help.  We haven't even gotten the 
> Interchange
> Catalog working yet with AuthorizeNet, and we are getting all these
> "updates".  Additionally, a very thorough review of the mailing lists and
> Interchangeville Forum reveals that integration of AuthorizeNet with
> Interchange has been a long running hassle,  with AuthorizeNet issues 
> going
> back for a few years.  I see more AuthorizeNet issues than all the others
> combined (maybe it's because more people are using it than the others?).
> So my question:  Can anyone recommend a Payment Gateway other than
> AuthorizeNet that works "somewhat effortlessly" with Interchange?  I see
> several options in the docs, but before switching over, I was hoping for
> some feedback from those of you who have real-time experience with some 
> of
> the other Gateway options.
> We would like to consider Bank of America or iTransact.
> Best regards,
> Michael G.

I felt like I should at least comment as some of the others already have.

I have been using Authorize.net and Wells Fargo for almost two years and
found the integration into IC to be *very easy* to say the least.  As for
online tools, I dont use the WF site for anything and dont have an account
through them.  The Auth.net site panel seems easy enough, although I rarely
have to go there for anything either, since I control everything from 
within IC.

As for the workings of both, they have worked with no issues whatsoever.
That kind of seems like something I dont want to mess with ;-)  BTW, this 
is with versions 4.8.3 through 4.9.8 that I have been using.


Aaron Hazelton

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