[ic] Unable to write to MySQL table

Interchange User interchange at framework.cx
Sat Nov 22 14:53:45 EST 2003

>> 	I have a table that I am unable to write to using the Admin UI.  I  
>> can
>> read it just fine, and I know the MySQL account I am using has full
>> access to the tables.  I get the following in the logs:
>> ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 
>> --
>> gKjyC9oq: - [22/November/2003:07:49:50
>> -0500] n /cgi-bin/n/admin/flex_editor No key 'id' found for
>> function='update' table='wish_list'
>> ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 
>> --
> You can most likely make the problem go away be renaming your primary  
> key
> to be something other than "id". The reason this is a problem is that  
> the
> table editor is passing the "id" parameter via CGI, and "id" is an  
> alias
> in Interchange for "mv_session_id".
> Many two-character names have such an alias. See $ICROOT/etc/varnames  
> for
> a complete list. You should be able to remove the mv_session_id = id
> mapping to fix the problem too, but if you have the chance to change  
> the
> primary key name it'll probably make life easier for you to do it that
> way.
> Jon

Renaming my id column to code did the trick!  Kind of a pain, as id has  
been my MySQL standard for the last 4 years, but there you go.  :)



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