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Quoting Paul Jordan <paul at gishnetwork.com>:
If you are using mySQL it is very easy, I created a rating system and it works 
fine, using mySQL and interchange coding
> Matthew Villa [mvilla213 at sbcglobal.net] wrote:
> > I'm interested in having a product rating system for Interchange.
> > However, I want to limit this function to only customers who purchased
> > that product. Is there any documentation or any examples available on
> > how to implement that feature?
> >
> > Best regards,
> >
> > Matthew R. Villa
> A good place to start may be the customers account pages. I think it was
> something like ord/order_detail would let the user see which items they
> purchased. There would be the easy place to have a link (per orderline if
> you
> want) to your form, that would collect their review/rating of that
> particular
> product.
> This can even be done all at once (at least for simple ratings for all
> orderlines per transaction) with the table editor, using the "form linking"
> tool.
> Paul
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