[ic] More reliable (or hassle free) alternative to AuthorizeNet?

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Sun Nov 23 20:17:29 EST 2003


> >I'd like to thank those of you who have responded to my question.  I'm
> >investigating.  I've got the catalog in test mode, and the authorize net
> >configured to test mode.  I placed an order and get this from
> >||| There were errors in your last submission:
> >(authorizenet): Charge operation 'authorizenet' failed.
> >The areas you need to correct are shown in this color below. |||
> >
> >There were no errors shown in red on that page, but I didn't expect to
> >them there after all the reading I've done in the docs about this
> >Checking the logs, I get this:
> >
> >||| Unknown charge type: authorizenet  |||
> >
> >My configuration is:


> Dear Michael -
> Your settings look correct, and for testing purposes the checkout page
> not have to be SSL in order for the card auth to work. I assume you
> restarted interchange and did not observe any error messages at that time.

Dear Ed,
Thanks for the reply.  I did restart Interchange, and didn't receive any
error messages at that time.

> Have you confirmed that there is indeed an AuthorizeNet.pm file in
> VENDROOT/lib/Vend/Payment/ ? Has this file been uploaded from a Windows
> machine via ftp?

This is where it is:

I downloaded a copy of the file to my hard drive some time ago to read it.
I wanted to read the one on the server, rather than the one at Kevin Walsh's
RTFM site, in case they were not the same versions.  However, there was no
need to re-upload via ftp since I didn't alter the file.  What would have
happened if I had re-uploaded from Windowss via ftp?

The error message you are getting seems to suggest that
> interchange cannot find the authorizenet subroutine, which is located in
> this file.
**Does that mean that Interchange might not find the file in:
/usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.0/Business/OnlinePayment/AuthorizeNet.pm ?

> On a side note: "The AuthorizeNet merchant account cost over a thousand
> bucks..." - ouch! You were robbed. You should have paid no more than $200
> for a application fee, and that's it except for monthly fees.
**I guess it was a toss of the dice.  I came across RTWare.net (BankCard
USA) when searching for AuthorizeNet.  RTWare.net is the "reseller" (I
guess, or "broker") that we paid for the AuthorizeNet Merchant account.  I
read the program details, and everything seemed somewhat routine, so I
bought into it.  Support was very helpful while the client's company was
being "cleared" for the account.  But once the account was purchase,
post-support response was inadequate, to say the least.  Their "perspective"
on "shopping carts":
"Compatible Shopping Carts
In providing a list of shopping carts compatible with the RTWare.net payment
processing system, it is important to point out that the responsibility for
compatibility lies with the shopping cart vendor. RTWare.net has published
the necessary specifications to allow shopping cart vendors to be
compatible. Using these specifications, vendors then submit their name to
RTWare.net to be listed as a compatible technology. RTWare.net makes no
guarantee that the shopping cart selected by the merchant is robust to all
potential applications of our system. These shopping cart solutions listed
in the following links have varying features. The merchant web developer is
strongly encouraged to fully verify that the selected shopping cart
technology is compatible with the specific needs of the merchant web site.
Questions or issues regarding shopping cart compatibility should be directed
to the shopping cart vendor."

Needless to say, Interchange was not on a list of 150 "Shopping Carts"
(neither was the PHP open source "osCommerce").  As I am researching more
thoroughly now, I don't find reference to AuthorizeNet on RTWare.net's site
anymore.  And I no longer see BankCardUSA or RTWare.net listed on
AuthorizeNet's Reseller page.  But I do have an AuthorizeNet account for my
client.  So regardless of whether RTWare.net is a reseller, I would imagine
I should still be able to communicate with AuthorizeNet.

It's really been a disheartening part of the experience.  The Catalog is
finished.  The client loves it.  I'm rather proud of it myself.  It will
elevate my client's catalog to world class.  Interchange has done more than
any of the other commercially available alternatives were capable of doing
(I tested almost 50 of them).  I suspect that this AuthorizeNet problem is
not due to any shortcoming of Interchange.  Something else is going on here.

Most gratefully,
Michael G.

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