[ic] Trouble with [search-region]

Ed LaFrance edl at newmediaems.com
Mon Nov 24 07:59:13 EST 2003

At 04:15 PM 11/24/2003 +0100, you wrote:
>I'am using [search-region] to show the result of a search box:
>this is the form:
><FORM ACTION="[area search]" name="forma_razza" method=post>
>     <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="mv_coordinate" VALUE="1">
>     <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="mv_searchtype" VALUE="db">
>     <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="mv_matchlimit" VALUE="20">
>     <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="mv_search_file" VALUE="razze">
>     <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="mv_sort_field" VALUE="gruppo">
>     <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="mv_search_page" VALUE="razza_results">
>     <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="mv_search_field" VALUE=":*">
>     <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="mv_column_op" VALUE="rm">
>     <INPUT MAXLENGTH="30" size="8" NAME="mv_searchspec" type="text">
>     <input type=button name=ok1 value=ok
>into razza_results page:
>   [search-list]
>     [item-field gruppo]<br>
>     [item-field razza]<br>
>     [item-code]<br>
>   [/search-list]
>Obviously "gruppo" and "razza" are fields of a table named: "razze"
>that is referenced in dbconf/mysql/razze.mysql.
>The problem is: the output is nothing for the fields [item-field
>gruppo] [item-field razza] and is (correctly) valorized for [item-
>After some test i've noticed that the search engine extract correctly
>the [item-code] from razze's table but for all the other [item-field
>xxx] interchange continue to search in the PRODUCTS table and not in
>the razze table as i've written into the "mv_search_file" spec, WHY?
>Thanks in advance to everyone can help me!

To reference fields on the results page, the syntax you need is:

[item-data razze fieldname]

Alternately, you can specify the particular fields you want returned from 
the search on the form:

<input type=hidden name=mv_return_fields value="field1 field2 field3">

then you can access them on the results page as:

[item-param field1]
[item-param field2]

- Ed L.

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