[ic] Update Script Ideas - Help

Sam Batschelet batschelet at exactasphere.com
Mon Nov 24 13:30:22 EST 2003

 Hi List,

My question is not a new one but I am wondering if anyone possibly has a
quicker solution to upgrading catalogs to the 4.9.x code base from old
releases etc 4.7.  The actual process of getting the old catalog to run on
the new server is not an extremely difficult one but it seems that getting
the old catalogs to be able to use the new functionality is not as seamless.
Especially in multiple catalog upgrades.

My idea is by modifying update to have like a makecat visual functionality
with Q & A and which would allow users to copy and paste their old catalogs
and then have the script update only the files which were necessary and
included the new functionality.  Also new tables could be written to *sql
and populated.  It would make this process a whole lot more user friendly.

I am willing to do the work or in conjunction with others any feelings on
this.  Please excuse me if this is a 5.0 function or if its existing.  Any
ideas, contributions, examples are greatly appreciated.


-Sam Batschelet

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