[ic] order fails when payment succeeds

Aaron Hazelton aaronmail at hazenet.net
Mon Nov 24 16:01:51 EST 2003

Hi all,

IC 4.8.3, and the one w/ the problem: 4.9.8

In testing the completion of checkout, I am getting a weird situation.
BTW, I have not made any changes to the profiles.order, log_transaction,
etc, yet, i was actually making sure that the checkout worked before
modifying them to suit this catalog.

When anything, whether it be a missing form value, or an error directly 
from the payment gateway like an address match, is wrong
then you get the appropriate errors from all ends.  However, when
the charge actually is good, goes through, and shows up in Auth.net,
then IC does not do anything, no receipt, no error, the page just hangs, 
and the order does not show up in the admin either.

Here's what info I could gather:

### error log from a bad trans: zvoEJj6E: - [24/November/2003:14:32:24 -0600] 
hn /hn/process.html Safe: Real-time charge failed. [snip reason for reject] zvoEJj6E: - [24/November/2003:14:32:24 -0600] 
hn /hn/process.html Route log failed. zvoEJj6E: - [24/November/2003:14:32:24 -0600] 
hn /hn/process.html ERRORS on ORDER TEST0004:
> Error during creation of order routing log:
> Route log failed. at /usr/local/interchange-5/lib/Vend/Order.pm line 
> 1883.

### no error in cat log when trans is good..

### global error log from a good transaction, when nothing happens:

- - - [24/November/2003:14:38:22 -0600] - - hammered PID 25594 running 300 

any ideas what is going on? also, dont know how it works exactly, but could 
there be an issue since there are 2
diff versions of the AuthorizeNet.pm in the 2 diff version
dirs of IC?


Aaron Hazelton

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