[ic] problem with [item-alternate]

Lawrence Tartol lawrence at davidweatherford.com
Mon Nov 24 15:21:34 EST 2003

Hi all,

I've been having a problem with [item-alternate] within [search-list]
What I'm attempting to accomplish is alternating rows on my results page.
I'm using this snippet within [search-list]:
<tr class=[item-alternate
The problem I am facing is that for some categories the alternating sequence
shows up in the generated source something like;

<tr class=contentbar1>
<tr class=maincontent>
<tr class=contentbar1>
<tr class=contentbar1>
<tr class=maincontent>
<tr class=contentbar1>
<tr class=maincontent>
<tr class=maincontent>


Other categories work fine and it doesn't matter how many or how little
items are in any particular category, but the problem is consistent in the
categories it affects.
How does item-alternate work? How can I fix this?

Interchange  4.9.8
RedHat        9.0
Perl              5.8.0
Apache        2.0.46


Lawrence Tartol

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