[ic] not the usual "products.txt" import problem

Hostmaster hostmaster at zipp.net
Tue Nov 25 09:30:28 EST 2003

Hello List Members,
I've built two identical catalogs, each on its own server, each using the
same products.txt file.  I've used the UI to upload the products.txt file to
each catalog.  In the first catalog, the import worked perfectly.  In the
second catalog, the import generated a "Fatal Error", not recognizing a
field name.  So I removed that field name, and successfully imported the

Problem:  The import on the second server is not recognizing the field names
properly.  Everything in the "Product_Group" field has been listed instead
under the "Category" field.  All the prices list as "00.00".

I've done nothing different for each of these catalogs.  They share the same

Server/Software Info:

Server 1 (works perfectly):
Perl 5.8.1 (called with: /usr/bin/perl)
RedHat 7.3

Server 2 (import problem):
Perl 5.8.1 (called with: /usr/bin/perl)
RedHat 9.0

This completely mystifies me.  The only difference I can see is the RedHat

Best regards,
Michael G.

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