[ic] not the usual "products.txt" import problem

Rene Hertell interchange at hertell.com
Tue Nov 25 21:36:12 EST 2003

> Server 2 (import problem):
> 4.9.3-200211090658
> Perl 5.8.1 (called with: /usr/bin/perl)
> Apache/1.3.29
> RedHat 9.0
> This completely mystifies me.  The only difference I can see is the RedHat
> version.

I assume that you have compiled a nonthreaded Perl, and because that did not
work you posted this message to the list...

Have you added any new fields to your products.txt file? If you did, the you
should drop that table (I assume again you use either Mysql or postgres or
similar) from your database. When done, upload products.txt with all needed
columns, remove products.sql and restart IC. IC recreates the table into
your db with all needed columns. Now you should be able to import your
products.txt without any problems.

Regards, René

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