[ic] More reliable (or hassle free) alternative to AuthorizeNet? UPDATE

Hostmaster hostmaster at zipp.net
Tue Nov 25 23:40:56 EST 2003


> >I'd like to thank those of you who have responded to my question.  I'm
> >investigating.  I've got the catalog in test mode, and the authorize net
> >configured to test mode.  I placed an order and get this from
> >||| There were errors in your last submission:
> >(authorizenet): Charge operation 'authorizenet' failed.
> >The areas you need to correct are shown in this color below. |||
> >
> >There were no errors shown in red on that page, but I didn't expect to
> >them there after all the reading I've done in the docs about this
> >Checking the logs, I get this:
> >
> >||| Unknown charge type: authorizenet  |||
> >

> Dear Michael -
> Your settings look correct, and for testing purposes the checkout page
> not have to be SSL in order for the card auth to work. I assume you
> restarted interchange and did not observe any error messages at that time.
> Have you confirmed that there is indeed an AuthorizeNet.pm file in
> VENDROOT/lib/Vend/Payment/ ? Has this file been uploaded from a Windows
> machine via ftp? The error message you are getting seems to suggest that
> interchange cannot find the authorizenet subroutine, which is located in
> this file.
> On a side note: "The AuthorizeNet merchant account cost over a thousand
> bucks..." - ouch! You were robbed. You should have paid no more than $200
> for a application fee, and that's it except for monthly fees.
> - Ed L.

Dear Ed and List Members,
The fact that I am now receiving an entirely different error message makes
me feel
there might be some hope in processing with AuthorizeNet.  I have enable
SSL, and
now get the following error messages:
>   die errmsg(
>     "Real-time charge failed. Reason: %s\n",
>     errmsg($Session->{cybercash_error}),
>    );

> Route log failed. at /lib/Vend/Order.pm line 1724.

"cybercash_error"? -  I have done no cybercash configurations manually in
any of
the cfg files.

Checking lines 1718 through 1724 of Order.pm shows:
                if($::Scratch->{mv_route_failed}) {
                        my $msg = delete $::Scratch->{mv_route_error}
                                        || ::errmsg('Route %s failed.', $c);
                        die $msg;
          } # end PROCESS

Checking Vend/Payment does show the AuthorizeNet.pm:
.../lib/Vend/Payment]# ls
BoA.pm        ECHO.pm       Signio.pm    TestPayment.pm
CCVS.pm       iTransact.pm  Skipjack.pm  WellsFargo.pm
AuthorizeNet.pm  CyberCash.pm  MCVE.pm       TCLink.pm

Should I be happy that the "charge operation AuthorizNet failed" error
message is now gone?  Does this seem to signal progess?

Best regards,
Michael G.

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