[ic] table_organize or item_alternate to display 2 columns of data?

Interchange User interchange at framework.cx
Wed Nov 26 15:17:48 EST 2003


	I have a bunch of data from a table that I want to display in an HTML 
table like this:

Item 1		Item 5
Item 2		Item 6
Item 3		Item 7
Item 4		Item 8

	When I pull the data from the db, they come out in order (Item 1, Item 
2 ... Item 8).  Right now, I get the info displayed like this:

Item 1		Item 2
Item 3		Item 4
Item 5		Item 6
Item 7		Item 8

	Can table_organize do this, or do I need to break into Perl to do it?



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