[ic] Interchange and XHTML

Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Thu Nov 27 19:26:27 EST 2003

Marty Tennison [marty at sediva.com] wrote:
> I did a grep on the lib/Vend & /code/USerTag directories and see that a
> lot of the modules are still outputting UPPERCASE html elements.  I did
> a search and replace for TABLE/TD/TR/FORM etc... and it fixed most of
> the problems.   
I can't stand upper-case HTML tags, personally, and always use lower-case
in my code.  Despite the XHTML requirement for lower-case, and my personal
preference, it just seems like tedious work, for little or no gain, to
spend time going through the core modules and UserTags etc., converting
the case of HTML tags.

> The validator has found an entity (something like &this;) that it
> doesn't recognize. There are a few possibilities:
> A reference to a URI that uses & as a separator between parameters, such
> as "http://example.org/prog?x=1&y=2".
> To solve this problem, simply replace all the &'s in attribute values
> with & (user agents will convert them back before following the
> links.) 
Strictly speaking, '&' should not be used to separate URI parameters
at all, despite the fact that it seems to have become some sort of
defacto standard.  I tend to use ':' instead, so my URIs look like


Interchange will encode and parse URI parameters using any character
you like - automatically.  For example, to use the ':' character,
simply add the following directive into your interchange.cfg file:

    UrlSepChar  :

The default character is '&', as that's what most people seem to expect.

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