[ic] Free Shipping On Single Item

Victor Nolton interchange at mail.vensnews.com
Thu Nov 27 18:11:14 EST 2003

Long time no see ;)

Looking for a way (usertag etc) to give free shipping on only 1 item 
(item 58-0100). Yet I want to still want to use my standard shipping 
lookup I Have.

I've tried doing something to where the cost of the item is 
removed/subtracted from the @@TOTAL@@, then in turn the standard 
lookup is used. I failed.

Archives have pointed me to free shipping on entire order, shipping 
based on zipcode etc.

Considering just adding a freeshipping field to the products database 
and using that, but still not sure how it would be done.

Any pointers or suggested stragedy would be welcomed

Victor Nolton

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