[ic] RH9 & IC

Rene Hertell interchange at hertell.com
Thu Oct 2 11:57:51 EDT 2003

> As I said, so far downgrading to perl 5.6 on RH9 appears to be working
> well for me. I can't see how that is affecting sendmail which is the
> only area in which I am having problems, but that is nothing new.
> Sendmail always takes me as long as everything else put together, and I
> always find a work around,
> I think more people should try downgrading their perl to 5.6 so we can
> arrive at an accepted way of doing this.  I can let you know exactly
> which packages I used if you are having specific problems,

Pleas quote messages properly as described in the welcome-message you got
when you subscribed to this list. In other words: Don't TOP-POST.

Why would you downgrade Perl on a distribution that is working with the
screwed Perl-version?

Instead I would compile a fresh Perl into a separate directory like
/path/to/freshperl and let the programs that need the un-filthy version use
that one and let the rest of the system use the default filthy


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