[ic] RH9 & IC

Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Thu Oct 2 16:34:57 EDT 2003

Rene Hertell [interchange at hertell.com] wrote:
> > Well I guess if I have made a mistake I will find out sooner or
> > later...next time maybe. So how do you tell interchange the new path to
> > perl? 
> >
> I would go for changing the Perl-path in bin/interchange. There might also
> be some sort of environment-variable that can be set somewhere...
There are no environment variables that need to be changed in this
case.  Simply edit each of the files in Interchange's bin directory
and change the "#!/usr/bin/perl" (or whatever you have) to point at
your new Perl.  Be sure to use a real editor, and not something that
fills the files with MSDOS-related artifacts.

I tend to build Perl from source and install into /usr.  This is fine
for pure servers, in my experience.  If you need to keep the old Perl
in place for whatever reason, or are worried, then you can install it
into /usr/local, or wherever you prefer.

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