[ic] Still trying to parse XML

Grant listbox at email.com
Thu Oct 2 17:36:13 EDT 2003

> At 02:53 PM 10/2/2003 -0700, you wrote:
> >I've been in contact with the author of the XML::Simple module
> and he's been
> >trying to help me get something together for parsing the XML response
> >received from the eBay API.  He gave me a sample script to work
> with based
> >on the sample XML I gave him and I turned it into a UserTag like this:
> Other possible problems aside, you cannot use the print function in an
> interchange usertag; STDIN and STDOUT are closed. Try appending the stuff
> you want to see to a string and returning that, just as a rough
> test as to
> whether or not it is working, i.e.:
> my $out = <<EOA;
> Transaction  : $transaction->{ItemId}
> Buyer User ID: $transaction->{Buyer}->{User}->{UserId}
> Buyer Email  : $transaction->{Buyer}->{User}->{Email}
> return $out;
> - Ed L.

Ok, that was very helpful.  Things are looking up.  I'm now getting:

Transaction  :
Buyer User ID:
Buyer Email  :

returned instead of a 500 error so that's great.  I'm going to bug the
module's author one more time as it seems like he'd be the one who'd know
why the parsing isn't happening at this point.  Thanks for your help Ed!

- Grant

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