[ic] AutoFIll

Martin Abell abellmt at spsp.net
Sat Oct 4 16:13:03 EDT 2003

A customer thinks his catalog should support AutoFIll, which I assume means
that the fields on checkout should be named according to the ECML standard.
AutoFill is definitely handy, but I'm not a fan of the idea of changing all
instances of b_address1 to Ecom_BillTo_Postal_Street_Line1, etc.  See
http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc3106.txt  and

Has anyone dealt with this?  One thought was to make the original fields
(e.g., b_address1) hidden on the checkout page and the account mgmt pages,
and have the corresponding field (e.g., Ecom_BillTo_Postal_Street_Line1)
visible and ready for AutoFill, then have a javascript copy the visible
fields to the hidden fields.  I assume Interchange would just ignore the
extraneous fields.

Martin Abell

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