[ic] selecting checkboxes by default and blank lines under shipping method

Nicholas Cook ncook at foxmillpets.com
Mon Oct 6 01:59:59 EDT 2003

This is a two question message:

First, I have changed the Mailing List section on my account page to use 
checkboxes.  I would like certain lists to be checked by default if the 
page is being called from the new_account.html page.  Is there an 
attirbute that will do this?

Second question is for the shipping method drop down box, also on the 
account.html page.  After setting up my shipping, there where extra 
blank lines in this drop down box.  I tracked this down to the shipmodes 
coloum of the country database.  For code "US", the entries listed where 
"free_or_upsg upsb upsr pm FLATD".  I changed this to "FLATD", which 
appears to have fixed my issues.  All the other entries produced blank 
lines for the user to select.  My question is, where these left in there 
for a reason, and if so, did I potentially break anything by removing them?

IC ver: 4.9.8 on RedHat 8, mysql 3.23.

Thanks to all for responding, and especially to Mike and others, that 
maintain and develop Interchange.

Nicholas Cook

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