[ic] Problem with Interchange and a Japanese locale

Chris Wenham cwenham at synesmedia.com
Mon Oct 6 12:41:33 EDT 2003

 A client of mine is trying to produce a Japanese language site (Admin UI is 
in English), and has already produced a translated locale.txt. I can load 
this and get the results I was expecting (Japanese translations in the 
shopping cart), but sometime into the operation of the site it fails with 
Internal Server Errors. 

 The catalog's error.log reports this:

nyn /nyn.cgi/index.html Runtime error: ¤it at C not a database, cannot use as 
products file

 I don't know when the crash happens because I'd test the site and see that 
everything is fine. I notify the customer, but a few hours later when he 
tries to look at it himself, all he sees is the error.

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