[ic] Re: interchange-users Digest, Vol 4, Issue 7

gary at geton.com gary at geton.com
Tue Oct 7 10:50:08 EDT 2003

>Subject: [ic] Error when importing products.xls or products.txt

>I am currently using Interchange 4.9.8 and am having
>an issue with importing my products from a spreadsheet
>as well as a TAB delimited text file using the
>Interchange Admin interface Tables-->Import
>Data-->Table Import wizard.

>I am using Office 2002 and Windows XP (MS Access and
>Excel) to format the files and then copying the files
>to a local directory on the Redhat server.  I open up
>Interchange through the Admin interface and try to
>upload the files and receive the following message:

>Message:  Import of table products: Upload FAILED
>Message:  Import file RLCy4oyq.products.add not found!!! <--- looking for
the file in /var/lib/interchange/catalogs/yourcatalogname/products
directory ???

Are you browsing the file to upload from your local machine?
If yes, I recommend and TAB delimited file, perhaps the file name ..?
-->suggest products_add.txt
then import as "Single Table".

>Can anyone help me with this issue?  I have
>successfully designed our site, but can not move
>forward until I upload this product information.

>Here is some demographic information that may help:
>-  There are 1342 records in the products import file
>-  I am using Excel and Access 2002 to create the files
>-  This site is setup for softgoods

>Thanks for your help!
Gary Benson
Geton.com Technologies Inc.
email: gary at geton.com
website: http://www.geton.com

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