[ic] PDF link

Paul Jordan paul at gishnetwork.com
Wed Oct 8 10:38:04 EDT 2003

Chris Gruber <chris.gruber at basic-world.de> wrote:
>> What about moving the pdf:s to the www-space and use a link like
>> this? <a href="http://__SERVER_NAME__/pdf/[item-field pdf]">Get the
>> PDF-file</a>
> I thought about it. But we have one catalog for every language and
> the pdfs need to be with the catalog (customer says so).
> Maybe adding custom directories to pages/ is just not working?
> Chris

I caught this thread late. I believe putting downloads under catroot is not a
good idea. If there is no security issue, put them in the www space. If there
is a security issue, then make tmp symlinks to make them accessible for
qualified users. There is a post on the rtfm site, from Mike Heins... it is a
'How to'.


Your reply says "pdfs need to be with the catalog (customer says so)". Do you
mean literally? I see no gain from that, unless maybe if you have a limited
backing up sceanrio. You can put them in the www space, and link from it's
repective IC catalog. The user won't know. It is just like the images, they are
served from www space as well.

In short, there is no reason why the pdf's have to be in pages/foo. If you are
really worried, put them under the www-space/<catalog-name>/pdfs/, then it will
look as if it is coming directly from the catalog itself. Similar again to how
the images are served.



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