[ic] Is an order E-Mail Receipt available as a CSV file?

Hostmaster hostmaster at zipp.net
Wed Oct 8 17:27:07 EDT 2003

> > Hello List Members,
> > Someone places an order on our Interchange Shopping Cart.  The order
> > through, and the customer is E-mailed an acknowledgement of the
> transaction.
> >
> > Is there a file on the server where the information contained in the
> > transaction acknowledgement E-mail is stored?  I looked at
> transactions.txt,
> > but that wasn't the one I am looking for.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Michael G.
> >
> If you go in the User Interface and click the table tab which list all the
> tables in IC.
> The customer order information is in the orderline table you can download
> from there.

Thank you for the reply.  The orderline table text file is not the one I am
looking for.  It does not contain the information received by the customer
in an email receipt.  I have included the information from the Email receipt
(names and addresses changed) to illustrate what I am looking for.  This
information is also available if I go into the Admin Interface, and click on
"Orders", then the Order Number.  I would like to be able to find the
database where this specific information is stored before it is processed
for Email or for the Browser.  Please see below for the information I am
looking for in a CSV or text file, and thanks again:
Dear Hardware, Inc. customer,

Thank you for your order #0117. It is being electronically processed.

Name: Walter Peterson
Company: CS Productions
Email address: walt at empire.com

Address: One North Main
City, State, Zip: Los Angeles, Utah  90038
Country: US

Payment Method: Credit Card (visa)
Shipping Method: UPS Ground Commercial

Daytime Phone: 323-555-1212
Evening Phone:

Quan  Item No.    Description                            Price
---- ----------- ------------------------------- ---------- ----------------
  1  3249-0400-1  "LEFT HANDED PLIARS"         $12.50

  1  3202-0300-1 "JIG SAW BLADE"              $8.90
     00000       GALV"

                                                 SALES TAX

                                                 ORDER TOTAL

Should you have a question about your order, or about other Hardware, Inc.
products, please reply to this message and let us help.

Always reference your order number when calling for a status.
You can visit your account maintenance page to check order status.
Remember, you can always visit our site at:


Regards and thanks for your business!

Hardware, Inc.
12 South Main
Los Angeles, CA

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