[ic] IC process memory and CPU usage growing

Kevin Old kold at kold.homelinux.com
Wed Oct 8 22:49:38 EDT 2003

Hello everyone,

I'm running IC 4.9.7, MySQL 3.23, 512MB RAM, 1Ghz processor.  IC has
been running just fine, but today I noticed that the IC process is
roughly using 36%-99.9% of the CPU and 28M-58M of RAM.

I'm only running one catalog and this is not a very high traffic site,
although I have it configured as High in interchange.cfg.

I've cleaned out the tmp directory under the catalog directory and
expired all the sessions under that directory in the catalog directory.

Any ideas what could be causing this?

No errors in either error.log.

Even with all this the site seems to respond pretty fast.  I'm just
concerned that it'll disable my server.

Any ideas?


Kevin Old <kold at kold.homelinux.com>

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