[ic] Is an order E-Mail Receipt available as a CSV file?

Joachim Leidinger joachim at Leidinger.net
Thu Oct 9 10:47:10 EDT 2003

Hostmaster wrote:
> Hi Dorothy,
> Thanks for the explanation.  If I understand what you are telling me here,
> then what I am looking for does not actually exits in one place as one file.
> The reason for my search:  My client receives an order by Email, but has to
> re-key it for his accounting program, which is not Quick Books, Peachtree,
> or any of the more well-known accounting packages.  However, it is one of
> the most powerful accounting programs available for companies his size,
> created for companies with an average of 200 employees.
> The company accountant told my client that if my client could download the
> order information from Interchange (the same info that is sent with the
> Email confirmation) in a comma delimited file, the accountant could create a
> method for importing the order information directly into the accounting
> program, thereby eliminating my client's need to re-key the order from the
> Email into the Accounting Software.
> As it seems from all the helpful suggestions I've gotten here, the goal of
> importing from Interchange into the accounting software via an comma
> delimited file exported from Interchange may not be possible.  In which case
> I will seek other solutions.

There are several ways to create such kind of file for importing into 
the account software. For example:

[tag mime type arg='text/comma-separated-values; name="[scratch 
[tag mime type='Order No. [scratch orderno]']1;[value mv_username]
2;[value mv_order_number]
3;[value date][if value R_street]
4;[value R_name] [value R_partner]
5;[value R_street]
6;[value R_zip] [value R_city][/if][if !value R_street]
4;[value username] [value partner]
5;[value street]
10;[scratch comments4]
[item-list][perl arg="scratch"]
         $b = '[item-field unit]' * 1;
         $d = '[item-quantity]' * 1;
         $Safe{'scratch'}->{'quantitytotal'} = $b * $d;
         $Safe{'scratch'}->{'count'} += 1;
return '';
[/perl][scratch count];[item-code];[scratch menge]

at the end of the report file (the file for sending order per e-mail). 
It will create an attachment for the order e-mail. This is an old codes, 
which is running in Minivend 3.14. You can see, you are free to create 
some codes to get a comma delimited file.  Have a look at

[tag op="log" file="myfilename" interpolate=1 hide=1]any text.....[/tag]

too, to create a file on the server for the ftp transfer to the account 
software. I hope, you get the picture. :-)



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