[ic] FAILURE REASON FOUND: Possible Bug at componets cart and saved_carts_list_small

Stephan Becker harlekin.simplex at web.de
Thu Oct 9 13:50:01 EDT 2003

Well, more on that issue:

[IC 4.9.8, SuSE 8.2, VMware 4 on XP, IE6x and Mozilla.]

I found ...

[if session logged_in]
  [if cgi delete_cart][delete_cart nickname="[cgi delete_cart]"][/if]
  [if cgi retrieve_cart][load_cart nickname="[cgi retrieve_cart]"][/if]
  [userdb function=get_cart_names hide=1]
  [if value carts]
    [perl global=1]

inside saved_carts_list_small.

and somewhat later ...

        my $delink = $Tag->page({
            href => "@@MV_PAGE@@",
            form => "

        my $golink = $Tag->page({
            href => "@@MV_PAGE@@",
            form => "

It looks like that the saved_carts_list_small control has to be placed
before cart.
And it must be placed on the page which is target of saved_carts.html (not
customerservice.html) if you click on delete or retrieve (With foundation
it´s ord/basket.html).
This is neccessary because saved_carts_list_small does handle the
delete/retrieve of the carts by evaluating the URL Parms with the [cgi ... ]
tag (see code above).
The page template defines the order of control execution and therefore
saved_carts_list_small must be above or left from cart never ever right or
below of it (or just inside a template slot with a smaller slot number as
the cart).
IF you place it right or below you will see your cart after you reload the
page if it´s not cached by your browser !
If you not have saved_carts_list_small at the target page the action is
never executed.

Hopefully this is deprecated code, and there´s a 4.9.8 core function now to
handle this instead of evaluating CGI parms manually at
If not this might be worth a suggestion to the development team, ´cause
there should be no [control] order related dependencies at all.
Such things are giving Newbie´s like me a lot of headaches, aren´t they ?
Especially if one is no programmer at all and just want to make a nice
looking catalog by rearrangeing graphics and stuff only.

As far as I have come up till now there´s nothing evenly sophisticated as IC
when it comes to Open Source Online Shops !
A good friend of mine told me that his employer has paid some tausend bugs
for a 'comercial' system with less functionality....

´nuf said.
Thnx to the IC Team !


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