[ic] Product Options with IC V4.9.8-200310030049

Adrian P Wilkinson junk at puffin.org
Fri Oct 10 00:14:50 EDT 2003

> I just fixed this recently on my 4.9.8:
> I think I setup a test catalog called 'foundation' with the sample
> products.
> Then copy foundation/etc/after.cfg to your catalog's etc/after.cfg.

Hi Josh,

I've done as per your suggestion (and restarted the IC server) but it still
doesn't appear to want to accept options.  I've checked that catalog.cfg
includes the etc/after.cgi copied from the 'foundation' demo, that the file
permissions allow for the IC user to read it and $CATROOT/error.log is

Regards, Ade.

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