[ic] Order View Page displays nothing.

Ben Schlaver ben at xxxtasee.com
Thu Oct 9 16:41:57 EDT 2003


I have IC 4.9.8 on redhat 7.2 ... The system has three shopping carts and
three databases. I use custom order numbers for each of the three carts.
i.e. XTC2003, RN3002, etc...

In each of the three carts, the orders page is empty (and there are orders)
showing simply four search boxes, where if I put the prefix of the customer
order numbers (i.e. XTC) and hit search, I see my orders, but can't return
without having to search again.

Btw, I installed the foundation demo and it doesn't have this problem.

Any clues?

ben at closetgenius.com

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