[ic] 4.9.8 shipping bug?

sales at mirajewelry.com sales at mirajewelry.com
Thu Oct 9 18:49:09 EDT 2003

I have recently upgraded to 4.9.8 from 4.8 series.  On the 4.9.8 checkout 
page, there are no shipping choices showing until you enter in a zipcode and 
hit “recalculate.”  4.8 used to allow a default zip to be entered in setup so 
it would give various shipping options and price, even though they were not 
accurate until the customer entered in their own zip.  On 4.8, I was able to 
force an auto recalculate on the zip change, but haven’t figured out a 
workaround with 4.9.8?  I can duplicate this problem on the current build of 
the demo site but am wondering if anyone has be able to get shipping choices 
to show without the customer hitting recalculate?

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